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Summer Universities (AEMS and GBS)

OeAD student housing is a well-known non-profit organisation based in Vienna, Austria, offering sustainable student accommodation – which is on a mission to empower people with knowledge in the ongoing fight against climate change. OeAD knows people need to come together on the global scale and make the necessary changes to existing systems, so that we all can have better lives within the ecological boundaries of our planet.  

We would like to draw your attention to the internationally unique Summer Universities: “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS)” and “Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS)” which will again take place in Vienna this year!

The programmes are open to students and professionals, who want to deepen and/or gain new knowledge in the field of sustainability:


Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) – 15 July to 2 August 2024 | 5 ECTS

The interdisciplinary AEMS Summer University welcomes students and professionals from all fields and focuses on alternatives to the economic status quo. The programme follows an interdisciplinary and holistic approach: International participants deal with limits to growth, as well as the instabilities of our financial system and learn why a drastic system change is necessary to stabilize the world climate – but most importantly: they discuss an array of alternative approaches, such as ethical banking, Circular Economy, the Economy for the Common Good, MMT, Degrowth and many more!

AEMS 2024 | Apply here!


Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS) – 13 July-August 4 2024 | 7 ECTS  

GBS specializes on first-hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise: The programme deals with the ecological, economic, technical, and social aspects of green building and construction. International participants deepen their knowledge in passive house planning, sustainable urban development, new energy technologies, innovative architecture, and ecological design together with experts. A group design project aims to incorporate the gained knowledge. The programme is open for students and professionals from all fields related to the built environment, such as architecture, energy technology, urban planning, etc.

GBS 2024 | Apply here!


Early Bird: Apply until 10 March 2024 and save EUR 200, – on the regular participation fee!

Application deadline for scholarships: 1 April 2024

General application deadline: 30 June 2024

On 5 February 2024 at 14:00 CET, an Online Info Session will be hosted to clarify any open questions. Anyone interested in attending the programmes this summer may join! 

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