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Announcement for summer school on Ukraine

The summer academy on Ukraine “After the Empires” will deal with these and other issues in a transdisciplinary manner. Basing on historical and contemporary Ukrainian examples, it will at the same time try to contextualize the phenomenon of “postcolonial Ukraine” within the “postcolonial Eastern Europe” and within the global debates on post- and decoloniality. We will thus focus on the specific profile of Ukraine’s post-socialist postcoloniality/postimperiality as compared to the postcolonialities in “classic” oversee colonies. On top of that, we will discuss other—non-Russian and non-Soviet—postcolonial/postimperial continuities, such as the legacies of the “Western” Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Habsburg Empire. Hereby, a highly complex relation between postcoloniality and nationalism, as well as various nationalist appropriations of the postcolonial discourse for the sake of “national consolidation” will be addressed. Ultimately, we will try to figure out what these multiple postcolonial/postimperial positionalities mean for the theory and how the theory could help us in understanding Ukrainian situation during and after the war.

All attendees will get a chance to work intensively on these topics for one week in Greifswald. During this time, they will also have multiple possibilities to network with other junior and experienced academics and scholars.

Application deadline is June 19th.

  • The XXVII. Greifswalder Ukrainicum’s keynote lecture on “Postcolonial Perspectives on Eastern Europe: Ambivalences and Simplifications” will be held by Prof. Dr. Dirk Uffelmann (Justus Liebig University Giessen). The introductory lecture will be given by JProf. Dr. Roman Dubasevych (University of Greifswald).
  • This year’s seminars will be held, among others, by Prof. Dr. Tomasz Zarycki (Warsaw),Dr. Tarik Cyril Amar (Istanbul) Börries Kuzmany (Wien) and Dr. Oleksandr Chertenko (Giessen).
  • Language courses are going to be taught by PD Dr. Hanna Shvets (Kyiv), Dr. Olena Synchak (L’viv) and Dr. Ksenia Borodin (L’viv).
  • Guest speaker is Dr. Inna Melnykovska.
  • In response to the growing demand, Lydia Nagel (Berlin), a renown translator of Ukrainian literature into German, will offer a mini-workshop which will introduce the participants into the challenges of literary translation. The workshop will take place on August 12.
  • Greifswalder Ukrainicum will also include the screening of two movies: “Atlantis” (Atlantyda, UA 2019) by Valentyn Vasyanovych, and “Luxemburg, Luxemburg” by Antonio Lukich. Each of the screenings will be followed by a discussion.


Further information: https://www.wiko-greifswald.de/en/after-the-empires-ukraines-post-colonial-entanglements/ 
Apply for the summer school: https://www.wiko-greifswald.de/en/after-the-empires-ukraines-post-colonial-entanglements/application/ 

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