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PHAETHON CoE 2024 Internship Programme | A Great Opportunity for undergraduate students!

The newly established PHAETHON Centre of Excellence (CoE), University of Cyprus (UCY), informs you about our upcoming Summer Internship Programme for undergraduate students.

Over the years, the predecessor organisation of the PHAETHON CoE, the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy, has built effective internship programmes and offered a series of exciting educational activities. Several CHNU students have attended them previously, sharing positive feedback after the completion of their internship journey.

The PHAETHON Centre of Excellence is continuing in the above vein, investing in the younger generation, by offering a limited cohort of undergraduate students in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics and Mathematics, the opportunity to participate this summer in an enriched Internship Programme.

Overall, students are expected to enhance their skillset and gain real work experience through technical coursework, workshops, and hands-on experiments, as part of a personalized programme under the supervision of UCY academics and researchers. More information can be found in the attached booklet.

Join a cohort of like-minded interns from across the globe and gain the know-how to accelerate your career, through technical coursework, workshops, and hands-on experiments!

University of Cyprus website.

Phaethoncoe Intern2024


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