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Ukraine issued a visa-free entry regime for up to 90 days within 180 days for a number of countries. Citizens of countries with which Ukraine has signed a visa-free regime agreement (namely, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan) do not require a visa to Ukraine but shall provide an original copy of the “Invitation for Study” when crossing the Ukrainian border to verify the purpose of their visit to Ukraine.

Students from countries that require a visa shall apply for a long-stay visa (type D-13) to Ukraine, which allows you to stay in Ukraine longer than 90 days. To obtain a long-stay visa (type D), an applicant shall submit a series of documents to the Consulate or Embassy of Ukraine in their respective country as indicated on the Embassy’s website.

Please, check

The visa can be issued in any country, where the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine is located.
List of Embassies and Consulates – https://mfa.gov.ua/en/foreign-diplomatic-institutions-ukraine 

Please, check the online registration form https://visa.mfa.gov.ua/visa/index


A temporary residence permit (hereinafter – posvidka) is a document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship and confirms the legitimacy of a stay in Ukraine.

Only after admission to the Chernivtsi National University, an international student can submit documents to be issued a residence permit (posvidka).

Documents for issuing the posvidka are to be submitted no later than 15 working days before the expiry of the established term of stay in Ukraine.

For issuing the posvidka, the following documents are required:

  1. a passport with a type D (D-13) visa, unless otherwise provided by the legislation and international agreements of Ukraine;
  2. a notarized translation into Ukrainian of a passport;
  3. a health insurance policy valid for the whole period of studies;
  4. an insurance covering exclusion/ deportation from the territory of Ukraine.


Further information may be found here: https://dmsu.gov.ua/en-home/services/documenting-foreigners/issuance-of-temporary-residence-permit.html 

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