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Міжнародний вокально-хоровий конкурс-фестиваль «Хай пісня скликає друзів»
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Yuriy Fedkovych
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Information on Research Activity

Vice president for research manages the research work at the university through Research Department, the head of which is a vice-vice president.

Research Department is comprised of the following departments:

  • Scientific organizational dealing with the organization of scientific technical research funded from the state budget or commercially;
  • Department of metrology, standardization and patent has to do with the law enforcement and instructions in the field of the metrological supervision and meeting the standards, protection of copyrights in the process of carrying out scientific and technical research by the university sections;
  • Department of commercial application of intellectual property that has to seek for customers to purchase the results of the research, supervision over the copyright laws on the research and protection of university’s interests when the research is sold.

Vice-president for science manages the research activity of the university, coordinates Research Department work and other departments of the university, of the main Informational and Telecommunication Center, scientific library, Ruta Publishers, Research Center of Institute of Bukovynian Studies, Geophysical observatory, botanical garden, Faculties, Departments and other research laboratories.

The basic lines of scientific research projects are:

  • investigations of theoretical and applied semiconductors material study; elaboration of new technologies, materials, chips, and devices for optical and microelectronics, semi-conductor equipment;
  • statistical optics, holography; technology of module teaching;
  • ecology, geography; innovation techniques in business and education, problems of creative self-actualization;
  • history of Ukraine; problems of language and literature.

Nowadays scientific schools, which belong to these branches of science, are working productively at the university. The staff and faculty of more than 1000 workers conduct these research works, among whom 105 professors, and nearly 500 are Associate Professors. At the university there are 8 specialized scientific councils on the defence of Ph. D thesis and doctoral thesis.

Training of the scientists and scientists-pedagogues is supported chiefly by the post-graduate study department; a perspective plan of the training of the specialists of higher qualification has been made. Post-graduate specialities already exist in all the departments, an amount of the specialized scientific councils on defence of Ph. D thesis and doctoral thesis has increased. In 2006 almost 200 post-graduate students, 87 competitors for PH. D. thesis, 19 competitors for doctoral thesis studied at the post-graduate department. 9 doctoral (planned -7) and 43 Ph. D. theses (planned -30) were defended. The efficiency of the post-graduate department (that means a defense during the studies) greatly increased within the last years – in 2006 it reached 65%.

In 2006 129 research works were carried out, among them – 26 were funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, 2 projects were funded from the state budget, 6 funded by programs of the International Cooperation, 13 projects sponsored by agreements with the State Fund of the Fundamental Research, 12 funded commercially, 3 – by the international agreements and 70 – at the expense of the second half of the faculty working time (subject matter of the department). Such a considerable increase of the financing from the international funds was achieved with 2 grants received from NTCU and a grant from the NATO (40 thousand euro) for elaboration of the computer network in Chernivtsi National University. Informational and telecommunication structure joining all the buildings of the university into one informational space, providing a high quality access to different informational services to improve the teaching process, methodical provision, carrying out research, videoconferences, distance learning; access to the electronic version of the science library resources and those of the Internet.

In 2006 an amount of all kinds of publications - monographs, textbooks, manuals, scientific articles in the journals and materials of the scientific conferences - increased. 16% of 165 textbooks and manuals were approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During 2006 the university gave 5 claims for safeguard documents, there was received an avowed license for the invention, and 2 declared licenses for the useful patterns.

A new preparation that can be used against cancer tumours was made by means of chemical synthesis.

An avowed license for useful pattern “A device for electrochemical extraction of the copper ions from exhaust solutions of copper etching” was received. The device can be used to receive powder copper widely used in the production of catalysts, purification of some gases from oxygen, and is recommended for forming the ergonomic technological processes of machining the surface of the wares made of copper and its alloys by means of exhaust etching solutions regeneration”.

In 2006 the scientists of the university took part in the exhibition-presentation of scientific research of Ukraine in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (November 29 – December 7, 2006, Hanoi) and in the specialized exhibition “Education and Career – 2006”.

In the same year junior scientists of physics carried out 2 research projects after the Order / instruction of the President of Ukraine of December 12, 2005 №1279/1005 рп. By the results of the competition 3 “Grants of the President of Ukraine to the Junior Scientists” were received.

Yearly, the university is an organizer of the conducting the scientific arrangements: conventions, conferences, seminars. 16 scientific conferences, where 10 of them were international, were arranged in 2006. The total amount of the participants is more than 1600.

In 2006 scientific societies of the Department of Economics, student union of the International society of the optical engineers (SPIE), “Ecos” association of the Department of Biology, societies “Antiqua” and “Ethnologist” at the Department of History, School of Literature at the Department of Philology and student design office “Alef” working at the Departments of Physics and Computer Science.

The collaboration with scientific firms and organizations of other departments such as: public corporation "Central Design Office Rhythm", subsidiary company "Bukovinastandartmetrology", "Decide Limited" and others where the scientific elaborations in the sphere of semiconductors of materials science, engineering, metrology, ecology is developed.

In 2006 the university cooperated with Chernivtsi regional state administration, Chernivtsi city Council. The scientists of the university took part in formation of the Program of economical and social development of the Chernivtsi district for 2007, elaboration of the Strategy of the Chernivtsi region in run by 2015, included to the working group on the elaboration and putting into life regional program of the development of mineral and resource basis, rational use and protection of the bowels of the earth.

There were suggested elaborations from thin filmy and nanosize semiconductor materials, instruments for infrared devices, spintronics and dosimetry. New and renewable energy sources, materials and highly effective instruments and devices for solar energy.

Department for Education and Science of the Regional State Administration coordinates the scientific subjects, directing research to solving the problems of the city and the region. At the joint meetings the questions of training qualified specialists, effective use of the scientific potential of the university, development of the innovation activity were discussed.

The materials on creation of the special design office on the territory of the “Graviton” plant are being prepared with the support of the Regional State Administration. It will give an opportunity to broaden the research in the field of semiconductor material studies, physical engineering, and widen the laboratory and experimental basis for the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Technical Engineering.

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